Grootkoor Holland (Grand Choir Holland)

The artistic management is being executed by two well known, very experienced conductors: Etty van der Mei and Nan van Groeningen.
Singing is very popular in the Netherlands and many of them are singing in one of the Grand Choirs. At the moment already 13 Grand Choirs exist in Holland.
Every year, various choir projects and choir tours are organized.

The choir’s repertoire includes choral worlds of classical composers and spiritual songs.The experienced accompanists of the Grand Choirs are the well-known organ players Martin Mans and Martin Zonnenberg.

Martin Mans

Martin Mans is one of the best organ players of the Netherlands. On a yearly basis he performs in about 250 concerts. Internationally he has toured South Africa, Canada, America and Australia. In 2005 Martin had a performance together with pianist Jan Vayne during the inauguration of the former President of the USA, Bill Clinton.

Martin Zonnenberg

From an early age Martin Zonnenberg  had had a passion for the organ. He studied in The Hague and Den Bosch (Lennard’s Institute). Martin is also a well-known conductor and organ player for the TV program “Nederland Zingt”.
As composer he is known for his orchestration and various compositions for choir, organ and orchestra. 

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