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Do you know the most practiced hobby in the Netherlands?
It’s singing! Some 600.000 people are singing in all kinds of different choirs.
For almost 20 years already the Grand Choirs have been phenomena in the Dutch choir scene.
The driving force behind this great success is Grand Choir Projects Holland. Every year they organize in all Dutch provinces choir projects, concluded by a great concert. These concerts – often accompanied by famous international soloists and orchestras – take place in big concert halls and churches all over the country.
A growing number of amateur singers are practising their hobby in a Grand Choir.
No wonder, because in a Grand Choir you are singing together with 200 to 500 other singers: sopranos, altos, tenors en basses, young and old, experienced and inexperienced, but they are all people with a passion for singing. Together you study in a limited number of five or six, very intensive rehearsals a complete concert program.
At this moment already 12 Grand Choirs exist in Holland.
Up till now the following artists participated in the concerts:
Vicki Brown, Louis van Dijk, Lee Towers, Anita Meyer, Marco Bakker, Caroline Kaart, Willeke Alberti, Thijs van Leer, Helen Edwards, Kamahl, Ernst Daniël Smid, Madeline Bell, Simone Kleinsma, Miranda van Kralingen, Skhumbuzo and the sisters Josephine & Charlotte Stoppelenburg.
The Dutch Grand Choirs are characterized by the special way of rehearsing and the very special sound.
There’s a great variety in repertoire and many pieces are specially arranged for the Grand Choirs.
The members of the Grand Choirs can be recognized by the specially Grand-Choir-tie or shawl, they are wearing during the concerts.
The artistic management is being executed by two well known, very experienced conductors: Etty van der Mei and Nan van Groeningen. The steady accompanists of the Grand Choirs is the well known pianist Rob van Dijk .


Nieuwe leden zijn altijd welkom bij de diverse Nederlandse Grootkoren. Bent ...

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